What is Mylofone?


Mylonfone is a little “thing” Mike Kassep thought up with the help of his friends. It stared back in 2009ish, but it wasn’t until 2013 when we actually published it into something (if this can be considered “something”). The idea was to create a network of self-published content dealing with a range of topics. Okay… fairly geek centric topics.

Currently, in its first itiration it became the jumping point to launch a podcast we had wanted to host for some time now. That, of course has become The Meeting Stone podcast. However, we have other endeavors that we would love to be able to share in the future.

Either way, the important thing for us is that each person that stops by the site, whether they listen to The Meeting Stone podcast, send a question or comment to be featured on the show, post a topic in our forums, or just plain lurks around, knows that Mylofone is as much theirs as it is ours.

Make yourself at home. The pleasent attract the pleasent, so be pleasent.

So what is Mylofone? Maybe in time, you’ll contribute to that answer too.