The Physical Education & Art Department of No. 14 Hangzhouz Middle School has a complement of twelve (12) professional educators: nine (9) physical education instructors; two (2) music teachers; and one (1) art teacher. Of these, one is an educational specialist, six (6) are senior instructors, and four (4) are experienced journeyman instructors. One (1) member of the Department serves as a Deputy Principal of the School.

This Department subscribes to the tenet of modern education which seeks the development of an active inquisitive mind within an active and healthy body. This holistic empirical approach to adolescent pedagogy, is part of modern Chinese educational reform, underlies much of what we do at No. 14 Middle School. Teachers participate in educational research and development within the framework of “3+x” complimentary education. The school produces young men and women with a lifelong interest in intellectual and physical well-being. The complete development of the student-scholar-athlete is central to this approach. Due to the expertise of its departmental staff, No. 14 Middle School has produced student athletes in a greater number or proportion than its population would suggest.

Our athletes showed their strength in Hangzhou Middle Schools students’ track and field meetings. Our students won the first prize and team title consecutively for many years, including High School men’s and women’s championships. There are also some students who rewrote the meeting’s records. We also rank the first prize in entrance ceremony and setting-up exercises to music. Stressing both teamwork and individual effort, our student-athletes consistently win the Hangzhou Loop Lake Relay Race. In the aerobic competition among the key middle schools in Zhejiang province, our students received first prize for three consecutive seasons. The teachers in the Department organized a series of municipal indoor aerobics contests in which our students won the first prize. They also won second prize in the competition held by the State Education Commission.

In music, the School’s Glee Club won the first prize consecutively. Other students musicians received first or second prizes for musical and vocal performances. Student artists also earned high marks in painting and calligraphy. Our student body is consistently rated as an advanced group each year. Due to the efforts of the entire school staff, we are cited as Hangzhou’s 1997’s and 2000’s most physically advanced school, 1998’s National physique and health survey advanced school, and as 1999’s National physical sanitation advanced school.

Through dedicated and consistent effort, this teaching and development Department has earned its outstanding reputation. The Department will continue with its collaborative efforts on behalf of the School and its students.